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Spring Colors 2021

Hello and welcome back to my blog at Styled by Peggy

A year into a new world and we are seeing the light when it comes to fashion. The trends for Spring are not only bright and colorful, they are mood lifting colors. Think of a rainbow of sorbet and bold pops of color. Designers flooded the runways with these colors for Spring. These colors signify optimism. Let’s look at some of these colors and see how you can incorporate them into your day to day.

Yellow – warm and happy, the sun, lemon. Yellow and gray (Illuminating and Ultimate gray) they are the Panatone colors of the year. Yellow and navy are a bold color combo that always looks fresh. If yellow is too much, try the softer pastel of yellow. A blouse with soft hues of yellows, pinks and blues. My fav is the “Misty Maxy” dress from Anthropologie. Yellow scarves or a purse are a great building blocks to incorporate into your daily wear.


Sky Blue – “Blue skies smiling at me.” This color has been seen in tie dye from last year. Beautiful soft pant suits which can be worn casually. Soft blue spring sweaters with shorts and skirts. My fav is the “Lem Lem wrap skirt” by J. Crew. Pair it with a tank and jean jacket for a super casual look.

J Crew

Mint Green – Soothing and fresh, the different variations of this color will keep it on the bright side. A nice monochromatic look would be a a blazer and pants. If you feel like it’s too much, go for a single item. I like Alice and Olivia’s “Denny Blazer” from Nordstrom Rack. Pair it with black or white pants or a pair of shorts. Blazers and shorts are one of my go to’s in the warmer months.

Alice and Olivia

Hot Pink – I love the passion of this color. It walks into a room and demands attention. Pink is also associated with femininity. Don’t be afraid to showcase this beautiful color. If you feel it’s too much you can always pare it down or go to a soft pink pastel. Either way you’ll be fresh. A nice neutral of white or beige and pop the pink. I love a pink handbag. Kate Spade’s Pink Louise satchel. If you are feeling a bit bolder, try Zara’s flowy joggers in fushcia.

Kate Spade


Orange- Orange calls to mind feelings of excitement and enthusiasm. Orange is optimistic. I love orange and navy, the combo is bold. If that combo is too much try a more muted beige and orange. The “ Simone” cardigan by Tory Burch is a classic cardigan. Not a cardigan lover, try a fun pair of orange espadrilles “

Tory Burch

Vince Camuto

I’ve touched on some of the amazing colors for this Spring 2021. If you need help with color or just advice on your wardrobe, I would love to help you. ~Peggy xo

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